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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

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Roller Shutters


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Electrically Operated Roller Shutter – single phase tube motor operation suitable for shop-fronts and light usage domestic garage doors.

Roller Curtain

75mm deep galvanised cold rolled sections are interlocked together to form the door curtain. The laths are concave in shape and are held together by pressed steel end locks secured by steel rivets. The gauge of the lath is determined by the size of the door and the installation location.

Bottom Rail Section

The bottom rail is normally a galvanised inverted T section. On larger applications a fabricated two piece bottom rail may be used. In special circumstances a tapered bottom rail can be fabricated to suit sloping floors.

Side Guides and fixing support angles

Guide sections are manufactured from 3mm purpose rolled section, with different depths dependant upon the width of the shutter, and are secured to mild steel angles, pre drilled ready for fixing to the structure.

Roller Shutter Barrel

The mild steel tube encases the single phase tubular motor. The motor head is secured to the shutter end plate, with the outer body rotating to raise and lower the door.

Electric Operation

Standard electrical operation is by Single phase (240 volt) motor, I.P.44 rated motor. The motor is complete with integral limit switches, to enable the shutter to stop automatically at final point of travel positions, and also incorporates a manual override facility for use in the event of a power failure.

Location and electrical supply requirements

Client to provide, to each door prior to installation, a 13 amp single phase supply, terminated to a fused spur, to within 500mm from the motor position at high level

Standard Finish

All mild steel parts are supplied with 1 coat of rust inhibiting primer. Door curtains are supplied galvanised unless otherwise agreed.

Optional Extras

All available at additional cost

Plastisol Finish (002B)

A range of approximately 30 different colours are available for the outside of the door curtain with the inside in a grey primer (refer to colour chart section). The plastisol colours are designed to either match or contrast to the external building cladding sheets.

Powder Coat Finish (002C)

Powder coat finish is available in a wide range of colours and is applied to the complete door on both sides. Powder coat is a more durable and hard wearing finish and is ideally suited to roller shutters.

Hoods And Fascias

Galvanised coil casing, fascias and motor covers are all available at additional costs. (002D)

Lockable box to enclose external key operated switch (002A)

A pressed steel locking box can be provided at additional cost to accept a security padlock (Padlock provided by others). The locking box secures the external key operated switch, providing additional security.

Battery Back up (002E)

A device used to provide an alternative source of power to allow a limited number of operations of the door, should the main power supply from the consumer unit fail.

Radio Control

A remote key fob is used to open and close the door, to remove the need to install External key operated switches, mainly used in areas of high vandalism.

Open Mesh Grille Section(002F)

A section of Aluminium Grille section can be inserted across the full width of the door to provide a vision panel, to enable a clear viewing line through the door.

Perforated curtain (002G)

A robust solid concave section, with perforations, which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish, to allow transparency through the shutter curtain, more effective at night with back lighting.

Security roller shutters are the ideal solution for security and peace of mind for commercial, industrial and the retail sector for London and the Home Counties.

While they look great our steel shutters also provide a security barrier to any would be intruder, our automated or manual steel shutters come with various options.

Our security roller shutters and steel shutters are all custom built in our factory to your exact specifications. Our Shop shutters can also be custom built to your exact requirements.

Once our security roller shutters are applied to your premises they provide a natural security barrier so you can feel safe and secure. We also manufacture Steel fire doors, secure doors, exterior metal doors and window security bar for London and the Home Counties.

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