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Security Grilles & Gates

Collapsible Security Gates provide high security against vandals, and intruders. Collapsible Gates are specified for use in a wide range of commercial and domestic situations where the ability to see through the gate not only deters criminals, but also provides optimum security and a clear vision through the opening.
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The gates are manually operated and built from double channel steel vertical pickets connected by lattice bars. All gates are prepared with Banham or equivalent locks

Gate Arrangements

All gates are custom-made for individual openings and can be supplied top hung or
bottom rolling with the optional facility to be hinged aside for locations on shop entrances,
window protection and small openings where a clear width is of premier importance.


Durable Galvanised rolled steel vertical sections 16 mm x 9mm x 3mm thickness.

Lattice Bars

16mm x 3mm galvanised rolled steel channel section for added strength. All intersecting
pivot points are connected by blind rivets for security. The lattice assembly can be
removed and replaced without dismantling the door.

Top and Bottom Tracks

Fully galvanised rolled section, purpose made to enable smooth running of the wheels


Banham Lock or equivalent


Bow type each side of pickets.


Clean self-galvanised finish to main components.
Optional powder coat finish available at additional cost

Sometimes Instead of security bars, security grills or security shutters you may prefer collapsible gates.

These collapsible gates are the ideal solution for office windows and doors or residential windows and doors in London and the Home counties. They provide excellent security for the home or office and the fold away when not in use and slide shut giving high security with minimal loss of view. We also manufacture Steel fire doors, secure doors, exterior metal doors and window security bar for London and the Home Counties.


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