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It is becoming more common for steel doors to be used in place of timber in not only industrial applications, but domestic too. The inherent strengths of steel: the fact that it does not warp or twist, it will not rot or support insect or mould growth. These all add to the growing realisation that a steel door does not have to be industrial looking in order to offer protection.


A full range of door sizes to suit openings from 700mm to 2600mm wide are carried in stock enabling the majority of orders to be fulfilled from stock. All stock doors are designed to suit a 2100mm structural size, with an over frame size of 2095mm. Stock doors can be modified to suit non standard openings, either cut down for short openings or fitted with infill panels for taller ones. The doors can also be supplied with side or over panels which can be glazed, solid or louvered.

Custom Sizes

Doors to suit any opening up to 2600 x 2950mm can be manufactured to order. Vision panels, Louvre panels etc can all be incorporated into the design. Double rebate frames and non standard frame details can be accommodated

Door Leaves

The door leaf is constructed from two skins of 1.2mm rust protected steel folded and lock formed around a rigid core to form a 48mm thick door leaf. The door leaf is constructed with a unique “no weld” construction utilising high performance glues to ensure that the rust protected steel is not damaged and to maximise life expectancy.

The standard core is resin impregnated honeycomb card. Alternatively the core can be polystyrene, mineral wool or solid timber. Each leaf is complete with a universal lock preparation which when not used is fitted with a blanking plate.

Door Frames

The door frame leaf is constructed from 1.5mm zinc protected steel formed into our standard 89mm deep single rebate frame. A 250mm double rebate for cross cavity fitting is available as an optional extra.

The Frame is fitted with 3 No Class 13 stainless steel hinges c/w 2 No security dog bolts. Each side of the frame is complete with 4 fixing points with rapid fit adjustable feet instead of awkward shims. The frame complete with our unique expandable sub frame to ensure a precision fit to your structure.

Wrap around and other custom frame profiles are available additional cost.


We supply doors with thresholds as standard. There 3 options: Standard, Drivable and Zero for further information contact our installation department.


Doors are supplied in grey primer finish for on site painting as standard however we can offer a range of powder coat colours with non-standards being available at additional cost and subject to powder availability.

Locking systems

A range of locking systems are available.

Secure doors are the ideal solution for security and peace of mind for commercial, industrial and the retail sector for London and the Home Counties .While they look great our exterior metal doors also provide a security barrier to any would be intruder; our steel fire doors are very popular especially within the commercial industry.

Our secure doors and exterior metal doors are all custom built in our factory to your exact specifications. Our Steel fire doors can also be custom built to your exact requirements.

Once our secure doors or steel fire doors are applied to your premises they provide a natural security barrier so you can feel safe and secure. We also manufacture collapsible gates, security grills and window security bar for London and the Home Counties.

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